Hello everyone to the new ApocalypseLancers.com site. You are probably wondering what the hell is going on with the site changes.

After running the Lancers for almost 4 years, we found ourselves expanding a bit, both with games being played and the competitive side of the house with Warship Supremacy League. All of this expansion has made us decide to move the game playing into an all inclusive website (APOCHQ.com) along with the league website (WarshipSupremacyLeague.com). This domain/website will continue to operate as the administrative foundation for the groups as we move forward. We have put a lot of effort into the Lancers and we want to make sure we stay around for a long time.

To make a strong group, you need players. And the game XO’s are doing a great job recruiting and keep our two main groups active, Mechwarrior Online and World of Warships. A big thank you goes out to those game XO’s: SterlingArcher42, BoloJoe, & Bigga Moonpye. Also helping maintain the groups are the Game Captains: WarJern, 3fm, DasBoot, & Shin000.

If you haven’t been paying attention, or don’t care (which is fair), WSL has become the standard for competitive league play of World of Warships on the North American server. Vas and Sterling launched the league with a good, basic rule set and it has grown steadily over four seasons. We are expecting to have even more teams for Season 5 to make the fight for WSL Champion even greater. As the ruleset has changed and become more complex, last season we launched a team/match management dashboard to help with the administration of the league. That is growing even farther with expanded team management. The short version is, we are spending a tremendous amount of time to make WSL awesome and continue to be the dominant league.

We will continue to provide overall updates about the groups on their individual sites. This site will contain general information about backend (website, hosting, registrations, etc) as well as swag news (yes, update coming).



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